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The national cost of all failed projects falls between 5% and 15% of GDP

63% of projects fail, but New Mexico is serious about success!

According to a Gallup Business Journal article by Benoit Hardy-Vallee, the projected sum of all failed project costs are equal to anywhere from 5% to 15% of GDP. If that figure were true in New Mexico, the cost would be enormous, but thankfully, New Mexico is serious about project success.

Some have questioned the Gallup article figures, however, whether those numbers are accurate or not, it is true that failed projects can ruin businesses, bankrupt families, and devastate economies. So how do we stop the hemorrhage of funds?

Project Management Institute (PMI) methodologies are a framework of standards and best practices that significantly improve project performance and success. New Mexico knows this, and employs PMI methodologies successfully. In fact, the NM State IT Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) enjoys an unprecedented 86% project success rate, as compared with a national average of only 63%. The EPMO is definitely doing something right.

TalentTriangleHow does this impact you?

On Wednesday, November 4, the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Otowi Bridge Chapter and the NM State IT EPMO are teaming up to host Santa Fe’s first annual International Project Management Day at the Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe. This event boasts world class speakers from across the country, and it is open to the public. Mike Baca from the State EPMO said, “We want everyone to attend, and the low registration fee of $125.00 represents a great value.” Otowi Bridge chapter President, Laura Gonzales invited anyone involved in projects by saying, “come learn how to have your projects succeed. Don't be a painful statistic of project failure!”

Doors open at 7:30, when a light breakfast will be available.

The Event begins at 8:00 and will complete at 4:45.

The Event begins at 8:00 and will complete at 4:45. Speakers and workshop facilitators include experts with experience and expertise on topics of leadership, organizational change management, operational excellence, navigating challenging communications, and business analysis. Your $125 registration includes a light breakfast, a light lunch, coffee, parking, and access to all speakers and workshops throughout the day.

This event will earn you 7.5 PDUs towards maintaining your relevant PMI certification.

Download:  pdf Santa Fe PMI-OB IPMD 2015 Conference Agenda

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 Conference Agenda

Wednesday, November 04, 2015         El Dorado Hotel, Santa Fe, NM 87502




Welcome: Opening Comments


Keynote Address: The Uneasy Alliance Between Project Managers and Change Managers

Michael Gordon



9:45a -11:00 a

Workshop 10-A:

Personal Strategic Planning

John Jones

Workshop 10-B:

Five stress-free Tips to a Stellar Business Case

Darshana Kanabar & Mike Baca

11:15a–12:30 p

Lunch Presentation:

Providing Leadership

Dianne Buckley Altweiss


Workshop 13-A:

Organizational Change Management

Michael Gordon

Workshop 13-B:


Requirements vs. Processes

Laura Gonzales & Mike Adams

1:45p –2:00p



Workshop 14-A:

Business Analysis

Dianne Buckley Altweiss

Workshop 14-B:

How to Say What You Really Mean without Getting Fired!

John Jones and Laura Gonzales

3:15p – 3:30p


3:30p – 4:45p

Closing Presentation:

Agile and Waterfall management of software projects

Warren Houghteling

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Speaker Introductions and Topic Synopsis


Diane C. Buckley-Altwies

Diane Buckley-Altwies is the Chief Executive Officer of Core Performance Concepts, Inc. (CPC), a training and consulting firm, whose focus is on helping people work better together, creating organizations that can adapt and change faster for increased profitability.  Through great partnerships, we can help individuals succeed in both their business and personal lives.

Ms. Buckley-Altwies has over 25 years managing software development projects and training thousands on best practices in project management.  She has a proven track record of delivering completed projects to the marketplace through effective leadership of multi-disciplinary teams with a strong customer focus.  Her expertise is in evaluating business processes to determine and quantify the value-added and non-value added processes. She creates achievable plans to eliminate waste in operations taking into consideration the total cost of delivery to the customer. Her success can be attributed to her ability to bring together both internal and external resources, including a variety of off-shore and/or internatio

Her passion is to help companies, large and small, build and nurture an engaged, accountable and effective workforce in order to deliver on strategic initiatives for organizational growth.  nal development.

She is an author of three books Achieve PMP® Exam Success; A concise study guide for the busy project manager, Achieve CAPM® Exam Success: a concise study guide and desk reference, and Program Management Professional; a certification study guide with best practices for maximizing business result.

Ms. Buckley-Altwies is a dynamic speaker, presenting regularly to organizations and corporations around the country.  She has a Masters degree in Finance and Marketing, and a BA degree in MIS & Production Management, both from the University of South Florida in Tampa. She is an active member of PMI Orange County, where she served as the Marketing Director in 2004 -2005 when the PMI-Orange County chapter was awarded the PMI-Chapter of the Year.  In 2012, she was honored as a PMI Fellow for her contribution to the profession of project management.

Synopsis: The workshop will go into the Business Analysis as supported by PMI and will provide methods to engage in BA. Participants should look forward to a sneak peek at what to think about if you are planning to become a certified PMI BA.

Diane C. Buckley-Altwies

Skype: diane.altwies

O. (800) 655-0733  C. (949) 929-6267


John D. Jones, Jr.   

John Jones is an “Army brat” who spent his formative years in Germany and moved to California at 21. John’s technology career began in the 90s when he was hired as a help desk technician in the private sector. A few year later he moved from private to public and excelled as a network engineer. There, John evolved into project management and obtained his PMP certification in 2006. Since then, John has served on numerous technology, project management and leadership boards, where he received individual and chapter awards for volunteer work (PMI Region 7 in 2013 and global volunteer of the year in 2014). John can boast experience in PR/Marketing, Management Consulting and IT industries on an international basis, as well as in the Federal, county and municipal governments. John holds a BA in Digital Graphics from CSU-East Bay, he provides IT-related consulting services, is a successful public speaker at large events, and he teaches courses on leadership, project management and organizational change management. 

Synopsis – Personal Strategic Planning

This presentation focuses on developing a strategic plan for the individual. Countless hours are spent by upper management to provide a vision and goals for an organization – why would individuals not spend time to further the development of their own careers, professional opportunities and academic advancements? We will delve into self-reflection to determine and understand any barriers preventing you from becoming self-actualized and work on a plan to put you on a path to successfully achieving the goals you set out to accomplish; planning, executing and building a strategic roadmap for YOU!

John D. Jones, Jr., PMP®, CGCIO

PMI – Region 7 Strategic Advisor



Michael Baca   

C:\Users\darshana.kanabar\Desktop\DK\POCD\EPMO\IPMD 2015\Mike B - Director NM EPMO.jpgMike Baca is the Director of NM’s Department of Information Technology’s Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) and has over 25 years of experience in the information technology industry.  For the past ten years, Mike has worked directly under NM’s State CIO’s focusing on legislative policy, technology budgeting, and developing the State’s project management capabilities.  Significant milestones include the passage of legislation consolidating technology in NM under the Department of Information Technology, NM’s Sunshine laws, and long history of successful business case and technology appropriations.  Before joining the state CIO, Mike contributed technology solutions to the world of health policy including NM’s implementation and compliance with HIPAA and the Y2K phenomena.  He has worked under five state CIO’s and three governors.  Mike consults regularly but has recently been called in to provide oversight and guidance on a new custom development endeavor called “Grandchild 1.0”


Darshana Kanabar, PMP, SSBB   

C:\Users\darshana.kanabar\Desktop\DK\POCD\EPMO\IPMD 2015\Darshana Kanabar - Deputy Director NM EPMO.jpgDarshana Kanabar is the Deputy Director of NM’s Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) and has over 20 ye

ars of experience in the information technology industry.  In her eight years with the State of New Mexico, she has provided oversight of a portfolio of IT initiatives over $250mil. She was part of the core team and led the development and implementation of the State’s first EPMO, implementing new structures of

adaptive project governance that has NM’s project success rate exceeding national averages, and she has led a grass roots initiative of cross jurisdictional collaboration in project management. She has been instrumental in the oversight of multi-million dollar projects including the State’s integrated eligibility system (ASPEN) and the State’s complete Business Process Reengineering and system replacement within MVD, among others.  Prior to joining the technology department, she was a lead project manager for the NM Dept. of Health.  Darshana is a certified PMP, a Six Sigma Blackbelt, earned her MBA from NM Highlands University and has a Bachelors in Business Administration.

Mike and Darshana represent the dynamics of IT Project Implementations in State Government. Darshana’s strengths in project management, quality, and process improvement, together with Mike’s background and skills in government dynamic and construct, have enabled their EPMO to reach new heights for the state of NM. They are consistently called on to facilitate and ensure successful outcomes across the project life-cycle including project business cases and  funding requests, contract negotiations, project implementations, organizational change and business process management, and transition to operations. The EPMO is praised as a model for project oversight.

Workshop Synopsis: Five stress-free practices to a stellar Project Business Case

No matter where you work, sooner or later project buy-in (and inve$tment) will depend on your ability to communicate and deliver on your project’s vision.  A thoughtful approach to the project’s business case can help ensure a steady road forward. In this hands-on workshop we’ll tackle some of your project ideas, do some visioning, build a strawman business case and then we’ll apply five sure fire techniques that will strengthen your business case and reduce the stress.  


Darshana Kanabar, Deputy Director

Enterprise Project Management Office(EPMO)

Project Oversight and Compliance

Department of Information Technology


Mike Baca, Director

Enterprise Project Management Office(EPMO)

Project Oversight and Compliance

Department of Information Technology



Mike Adams, PMP   

Mike is currently a senior business analyst/developer at Los Alamos County in Los Alamos, NM. In his time with the County, he has managed and supported many software innovations and implementations including: Smart Meter Implementation; Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) security Project; Requirements Analysis, and Development of Custom Reporting Tool; and Business Analysis and PLSQL Development. His efforts have saved the County significant costs for development from current software vendors. He is currently the President-Elect of the PMI Otowi Bridge Chapter in Northern New Mexico. During his time as a volunteer with the chapter, he has brought about innovative changes to the PMP preparation course put on by the Chapter. Additionally, he has become one of the most read bloggers on who recently sent him to PMI Global Congress to sit in the Ask an Expert booth. Mike has three children and lives with his wife in Los Alamos, NM.

Requirements vs. Processes Workshop Synopsis: I.T. is composed of a never-ending series of technology projects. Two of the most critical components of project management are requirements gathering and change management. Unfortunately many times, businesses processes are identified as requirements and the project gets bogged down. This can be caused by an attachment to “the way things have always been” as well as inexperience with project management and business analysis. This session looks at how to ask the Right questions to get meaningful answers.

Michael Adams, Senior Application Analyst/Developer

Los Alamos County

ProjectManagement.Org: Mike Adams


Laura Gonzales, PMP

Laura was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. She attended Southern Methodist University and obtained Bachelors’ degrees in Business Administration and English. During college she received scholarships to study in Spain and at Oxford University in England as well as performing volunteer work with Amigos de las Americas in Ecuador. She began her career working in an investment consulting company as a licensed investment representative and quickly determined that she loved technology. She attended Webster University and received a Masters in Computer Resource and Information Management and subsequently began a career spanning the last 18 years in public sector Information Technology. She is a consultant for REDI Net, a project to bring a fiber backbone to Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, Los Alamos and Taos counties. She is on the curriculum committee for the Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science for Northern New Mexico College, has worked with UNMLA on their Information Technology curriculum and on a grant for their Information Technology program. Laura believes in striving to improve your own skills and in pursuit of that belief has become a certified Project Management Professional and a Certified Government Chief Information Officer. She is currently President of the PMI Otowi Bridge Chapter and recently retired as CIO of Los Alamos County. 

Say What You Mean Workshop Synopsis:Every day we encounter people, most of whom communicate differently than we do. As project managers, the majority of our job comes down to excellent communication. We need to understand how to get our message across in a way that the receiver understands it. This workshop will look at our communication styles and provide tools on how we can improve communication with others.

Laura Gonzales, Retired CIO

Los Alamos County, NM

LinkedIn:Laura Gonzales


Michael Gordon   

C:\Users\darshana.kanabar\Desktop\DK\POCD\EPMO\IPMD 2015\MG102409.jpgMichael has over 25 years of experience in organization and leadership development and managing large scale change.  He is the co-author of Sun Microsystem’s Change Acceptance Process (Sun CAP) and has managed a wide range of global change projects for Chevron, Cisco Systems, and Lam Research.  Earlier in his career, Michael was the executive director of Californians Preventing Violence, a statewide non-profit organization, dedicated to educating the public on the root causes of violence and a project manager for the Institute for the Human Environment, a non-profit consulting firm dedicated to cross-organizational environmental issues.  In that capacity, he led projects across the western states on network building for residential energy conservation and an assessment of environmental, economic, and social impacts of arctic pipeline construction for the Swedish government.

All of his work has been dedicated to the notion of collaboration and building common ground – what does it take for people with disparate points of view to find agreement, take action, and collectively achieve great results.

Presentation synopsis: The Uneasy Alliance between Project Management and Change Management: A Professional – and Personal – Journey

Participants will:

● Recognize the distinction between basic change management and change mastery

● Consider the need for increased selfunderstanding if they are to optimize their change leadership role

● Assess the major components of most successful change efforts

● Prepare themselves for building and executing on a successful change plan

Workshop Synopsis :  Building Your Own Change Plan

Participants will:

● Take home basic change management tool templates to build their own project’s initial change plan and begin to work with them in the workshop

● Consider a change management case study based on Project Overlord:  The Normandy invasion designed to establish a western front in WWII

Michael Gordon, President

Undaunted Coaching and Consulting

LinkedIn: Michael Gordon


Warren Houghteling   

Warren Houghteling has Eighteen years in the high-tech industry, excelling at all aspects of software design, development, deployment, and leadership. As an engineering manager and technical lead, he created project plans encompassing all phases of development from design specification through installation and maintenance, practiced risk management in a dynamic environment, and created and managed schedules for multiple simultaneous development projects. He has collaborated in coordinating multi-site development efforts including groups in the US and Belgium, built and managed cross functional project teams, and lead projects using a mix of platforms (Windows x86, Solaris Sparc, Linux x86, AIX RS6000) and technologies (C++, C, Java/JNI, Perl)

Warren’s special interests include improving productivity by implementing "Agile" development methodologies; at Scansoft, Inc. and Neptune and Company, he introduced teams to the Scrum development methodology and achieved significant improvements in team morale and efficiency.

As a software developer, Warren consistently demonstrated the ability to quickly master new skills and technologies and work as a team player in highly dynamic collaborative environments. Strong design, development, and debugging skills are complemented by excellent verbal and written communication skills. Experience with a wide variety of platforms (Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, Solaris Sparc, Solaris x86, AIX RS6000, SCO UNIX, Unixware, DEC UNIX, VxWorks) programming languages and frameworks (Javascript, Java, SQL, PHP, XML/XSLT, apache cocoon, C , C++, Perl, Visual Basic .NET), databases (PostgreSQL, mysql, MS SQL Server), tools (Eclipse, NetBeans, Subversion, ANT, Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Studio .NET, gcc, gdb, gnumake, BoundsChecker, Purify, Sun Workshop Compiler, ClearCase) and development methodologies (Scrum, Extreme Programming, Agile Development Methodologies).

Synopsis: Be prepared for an entertaining look at Agile and Waterfall project management through the eyes of an actor/software designer.

Warren Houghteling

Neptune and Company

LinkedIn:Warren Houghteling

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