The next evolution of Design Thinking is here.

Rob Frohman will introduce the integration of Design Thinking with the Minimally Marketable Feature business canvas. This unique viewpoint provides an opportunity to balance the deep innovation techniques of Design Thinking with a practical framework meant to deliver pragmatic solutions. More information available on The Co8 Group channel -

Bio Robert Frohman, CEO, The Co8 Group

An innovative and engaging leader, Rob is the founder and CEO of The Co8 Group, a company focused on enabling organizations to deliver products efficiently, with quality and predictability. He believes that understanding who you are is key to identifying what you need.

Trained as an electrical engineer, Rob blends his experience in software engineering, product development and agile and lean practices with strong leadership and management to bring alignment to complex environments. A natural systems thinker, Rob’s work as the head of Agility Transformation for Fortune 500 companies has led to the successful integration of agile and lean practices and brings organizational alignment and growth to team, program and portfolio levels.