CPC Webinar Logo v0002Core Performance Concepts is committed to helping people work better   together, creating organizations that adapt and execute faster for   greater profitability.  

We know and understand that your membership, the project managers,   regularly have to deal with problems and conflict and we want to help   them succeed.  Our new webinar format takes education to the next level.    First we teach our audience about key concepts and share some best   practices that are applicable in the "real-world".  Second we ask our   audience to participate and share their experiences for real  collaboration.  

When was the last time you asked a question on a webinar and   actually got an answer?  The goal of our new webinar format is just that   -- you WILL get an answer.  For 2015, Core Performance concepts will   bring to you practitioners that can answer your questions.  We hope you   will join us.

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